How To Remove a Mole To Have Unblemished Skin

Published: 02nd September 2010
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A mole is usually not only an embarrassing birthmark or a bumpy addition to your skin but in rare cases can also proceed to turn into a cancerous one with passing time.If you have been wonderinghow to remove a molethen there are various options that can be explored to successfully eliminate the problem.

There are several homemade remedies for mole removal that can be tried to remove small moles.You can try applying apple cider vinegar on your moles with a cotton swab or bud and allow it to remain on them for around 10 to 15 minutes before washing them off.The acids in vinegar will slowly cause the mole to shrink and vanish.You can also try applying crushed garlic or squeezing juice from onions or cauliflower before applying them separately to your moles.Although this process will take a few weeks to produce results,at least you will be free from any harmful side-effects.

If extracting juices or mixing honey with several other natural ingredients before applying the mixture on your moles is too tedious then there are several readymade natural products available in the market too.You can try products that contain tea tree oil or aloe vera that are easily available in beauty stores.Most products end up drying the mole within a few days after which it automatically falls off.However, you should ensure proper hygiene to ensure that another mole does not decide to sprout up in its place.

There are several creams that use strong chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and salicylic acids in their ingredients to remove moles. If you have been frustrated after trying natural methods and are still confused as tohow to remove a molethen you should try out these creams after ensuring that your skin is not too sensitive to withstand such creams. You should stick to creams that have FDA approval instead of falling prey to claims of miraculous cures from unknown manufacturers. These creams also dry out moles and cause them to turn into dry scabs that fall out after a few days.If your moles do not have very deep roots then natural or chemical creams should help you to quickly get rid of them.

If your moles have firm and deep roots then you will need to get expert advice onhow to remove a molefrom a trusted dermatologist. You might have to go in for traditional surgery if the roots are firmly planted deep within your skin.A surgical procedure can last for less than an hour and the surgeon might use local anesthesia to numb the surrounding region before removing the mole from its roots and cauterizing or burning remaining tissue to stop bleeding.In case the mole is large in size then you might also require a few stitches and could also be left with noticeable scars in future.

Another painless and quick process to remove moles is to opt for laser therapy.Your mole will be blasted by high and low intensity laser beams that will burn off each layer during each session. Your mole will normally be destroyed within three sessions although there are chances that a new one might pop up since lasers cannot penetrate very deep into the skin.Laser therapy is also very costly although it is painless and usually leaves no scars.

If you have been flummoxed while wonderinghow to remove a molethen you should try out some of these methods for quick removal. If you have small moles then you should stick to natural ingredients, chemical peels or laser therapy to remove them although if the mole is deep or is very large in size then you might have to opt for surgery.

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