The Cost of Mole Removal Treatment - Good Points To Consider

Published: 08th September 2010
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A mole could be an unwanted addition since birth or could have grown in size over your childhood years. However, once it causes pain, embarrassment or assumes dangerous proportions then it is time to remove this unwanted guest from the sanctum of your body. You will need to considerthe cost of mole removal treatmentbefore you embark on the method that ensures that your mole is removed quickly, painlessly and hopefully forever.

If your mole is quite new or small in size then you might hardly need to spend any money to remove it. You could try homemade remedies to simply destroy the mole before it digs deep into your skin. You can try applying lime juice, crushed garlic, onion juice, apple cider vinegar or even honey on your moles although each ingredient needs to be used separately except honey that can be mixed with certain ingredients to reduce any discomfort or swelling. It might take a few weeks for the mole to shrink in size or dry out and fall off but the costs would certainly be negligible as compared to other forms of treatment.

If natural remedies fail to work then you might need to spend anything between $10 to well over $100 for commercial over-the-counter creams that contain either natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera or tea tree oil or acidic chemicals such as salicylic acid or hydrogen peroxide. These creams might just do the trick and free you of your affliction in a cost-effective manner. If these methods do not work then you can expect a noticeable rise in costs since a visit to a dermatologist or physician will be your next step.

The cost of mole removal treatmentwill rise considerably if you need to go in for laser therapy to remove the stubborn but surface-oriented mole. If the roots of the mole are not very deep, then laser therapy that usually involves 3 to 4 sessions can burn the mole right off the skin. However, a bill of around $50 for a tiny mole, which rises to around $500 for a really large one, can be expected. These rates do not include consulting fees or subsequent visits for checkups. You should not expect any relief from your insurance company since these procedures are usually considered cosmetic procedures unless the mole turns out to be a cancerous one.

In case the mole has very deep roots or is too large for laser therapy then you will need to go in for traditional surgery. The surgeon will use local anesthesia and remove the mole along with the root, and might either cauterize the cut to stop the bleeding or use stitches to close the opening.The cost of mole removal treatmentin this type of operation could range between $150 and $400 depending on the size and depth of your mole, the doctor's experience and fee structure, and the method used to remove the mole and close the wound. However, you can expect discounts for any other moles that you remove at the same time as usually it is the first mole that attracts a higher charge.

Removing moles is not only tedious and irritating, but can also prove to be costly if you do not want any scars on your skin or have a huge mole to extract.The cost of mole removal treatmentdepends on the method used for removing the unwanted mole and you should also factor in follow-up costs as you might need to go in for regular checkups to prevent re-infestation.

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