The Mole and Wart Removal Process - Practical Methods

Published: 01st September 2010
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If you are troubled by moles or warts that seem to appear on your face, hands, feet or even in embarrassing places over your body then you need to get rid of them. Although most moles and warts are quite harmless, the fact is that they can transform into various cancers or melanoma. There are variousmoles and wart removalmethods that can be employed to safely and almost painlessly remove these undesired skin indentations.

Moles are usually lesions formed on or under the skin and can form during formative years, and normally stop appearing as one gets older. However, they do tend to form red boils or sores on or just under the skin whenever they make an appearance. On the other hand warts are caused by a viral infection and appear in flat or raised form that also resembles the shape of a cauliflower. Warts can occur on fingers, feet, arms, lips, eyelids, and even on genitals. Warts can be quite painful and are also very difficult to banish since they tend to re-appear after treatment.

There are severalmoles and wart removaltreatments that range from homemade and natural methods to over-the-counter creams and potions, and even surgery using traditional and laser treatments. If you have a small mole or wart, then you could try out several home remedies to remove them quickly, although there are mixed responses from people that have tried to use them. A simple method to remove a mole is to apply toothpaste on the mole and leave it for around an hour before washing it off with soap and water. There are several other methods that involve extracting the juice of lime, lemon, cauliflower, grapefruit, and apple cider, among others before mixing it with honey or other natural ingredients to soothe the skin while removing the mole or wart at the same time. You should use a particular concoction for a few days and wait for the desired results.

Another common method ofmoles and wart removalis to simply buy over-the-counter creams or lotions and use them as recommended on those pesky skin irritants. Many creams claim to use natural ingredients but you should make sure that any product that you buy from the chemist or pharmacy has FDA approval, and do make sure to read the list of ingredients before you apply it on your skin. Most creams have ingredients such as salicylic acid that can help remove warts within a few days. A visit to a trusted dermatologist would also be helpful since he or she might be able to suggest a particular product for removing the wart or mole.

In case moles or warts over your body become very infected or suddenly increase in size and pain then your dermatologist or physician might even suggest surgery to get rid of them. You might also need to get a biopsy done to check for cancers including melanoma or skin cancer. Your physician or dermatologist can then suggest traditional surgery or laser surgery to cut or burn those warts or moles. These treatments are quite costly and there is usually no guarantee that those stubborn moles or warts might not appear again. However, in case of cancer detection, surgery might be the only option to stop the advancement of harmful cells inside the body.

There are several methods to remove this ugly growth from your body. However, you should evaluate your skin condition and start out with safe methods ofmoles and wart removalbefore trying out stronger chemicals or exploring surgical options. Perseverance and a high level of hygiene during and after the appropriate treatment will ensure that these ugly blotches never appear on your skin again.

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